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I’ve been lucky to attend quite a few weddings at Fforest now, and every time I drive over those final hills my heart lifts. It’s a beautiful, calm and grounded place. It feels like you’ve always been there and that you never have to leave. I love it.

It attracts fantastic people, people like Jen and Tom.

There are times when I see folk through my camera and I almost want to be them. I want to take on their attributes, their passions and their talents. Jen and Tom made me feel like that within seconds. They were so at ease with themselves and each other, they oozed calm. They made me slow down and reflect more, something I slip in to when I’m watching others but they magnified it.

There were many moments during the day that made me incredibly grateful that they had chosen me to attend their wedding. Most of these were punctuated by Tom’s fantastic laugh that never seemed to be too far away. It was a fun day but it was much more than that. The love that they showed for each other, their family and their friends made it emotional and beautiful.

This wedding was featured on the fantastic Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog.



Last year I ran a competition to shoot a same-sex wedding for free. Kirstie and Michelle were the lucky couple.¬†Here they are getting hot and heavy on a cold Cardiff morning. They were a huge amount of fun and I know that they have a fantastic day planned. In the words of my 5 year old, it’s going to be epic.


Hannah and Peter had wonderful, colourful winter wedding in London. They started off at the Town Hall Hotel where Bjork happened to be staying, I was hoping she would invite herself along but no such luck. Then off to the beautiful Stoke Newington Town Hall followed by black cabs rides to The Oyster Shed restaurant on the banks of the Thames.

The day was a heady mix of laughter, fun and warmth. Two people coming together and having a party with all their friends and family is really what weddings are all about, isn’t it? They partied in to the night and left the dance floor well and truly beaten. I’m just glad I was there to witness it all.

London you did us proud.