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As a genuine photophobic and an artist who practises in print and photography, finding a photographer of a particular quality was at the forefront of our minds as Joel and I planned our wedding.  We needed somebody who would be able to make me feel relaxed about being photographed in an environment I was already unsure about, and also understood the importance of taking photographs which reflected the attitude we were trying to promote during our wedding day.

What was most striking about Pete when we first met was the manner in which he presented his work. He did not seem like a wedding photographer, more like a photographer who happened to offer his services for weddings – having met several “wedding photographers” already, this made a refreshing change.

The first meeting occurred at a small wedding fayre in Bristol where Pete had his photography (both artistic and nuptial) on display. He was happy to discuss not only the importance of getting enough photographs of our mothers in their hats, but also the type of camera he shot on, how he felt about wedding photography and a whole range of other topics, which went over my head but meshed perfectly with the idea Joel had in her mind of what a photographer should be.

For my part, Pete was genuine, honest, wickedly funny and extremely confident in his own abilities. We were sure we could trust him to take care of business on the big day.

The first test for us and Pete was our engagement shoot, this took place in Clifton and I have to admit to being slightly nervous about the affair. Any nerves were eased by Pete, he spoke openly and freely and took time to get to know us and our interests – a move I was appreciative of, seeing the human side of our photographer enabled me to express myself more freely and Pete was receptive of what I had to say. The shoot also revealed more of Pete’s personality and sense of humour. On the journey home after the shoot Joel and I talked about how well Pete would fit in on the day.

Fit in he did, going above and beyond the call of duty for a photographer; a few of my friends who had travelled a distance for the wedding were without a lift from the church to the reception venue, Pete offered his services as a taxi driver without hesitation – when the group arrived the first words out of their mouths were, “Your photographer is a legend!”

Genuine warmth, diligence and a fantastic level of respect for guests of all ages and backgrounds typified Pete’s performance on the day. Besides the bride’s dress and a rather spectacular cake, it was Pete who garnered most compliments from the crowd. Not only for his charm and professionalism, but also for his commitment – having driven from Bristol to be in Liverpool for before 10am, he stayed and worked well into the evening before setting off for home.

There are moments of my wedding that will live with me forever, that I will not require photos to recall, however for the moments that perhaps passed me by, or were lost to the swell of emotion I know I will be able to fall back on Pete’s work to remind me. After all, here is a photographer who actually managed to get me to stand in front of a lens and smile. I would like to extend a warm thank you to Pete for his efforts leading up to the day, during the day and in the days following.

I’m glad he was our photographer, but even more so, I’m glad he was a guest at our wedding.

– Joel & Doug


Below are some of the comments left for me by my clients on The Wedding Industry Awards site, thank you for all of them.


Eyes of an eagle, ears of an owl, an approach of a Ninja, meaning he can see the angle others can’t, not just hear but listen to your needs and becomes at one with you as if you never knew he was there, yet I am proud to say he was. A humble photographer that’s worth his salt with a cool personality.

Pete was an important part of our day, he was a valued presence in the relaxed intimate time of family and close friends before the ceremony as well as blending into the reception to capture some amazing moments. His skill lies in his ability to help you to relax while framing the shot impeccably.

Pete was attentive, personal, considerate, witty, relaxed, charming, patient, observant, reliable, reassuring, thoughtful, original, creative, innovative, committed, an excellent communicator, unobtrusive, hard working, and delivered on every promise. He’s an artist, we are lucky to have found him.

Pete was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. He was fantastic. We were both completely relaxed and comfortable with him. On the day he was incredible and seemed to be everywhere all at once! We could not be happier with our photos, they are completely perfect. He captured everything.

We are extremely happy with our photos and can’t thank or recommend Pete enough. We have had endless comments from guests impressed with Pete- some even before they had seen the photos! He seems to make people relax, he joins in with the day whilst working extremely hard capturing every moment.

Pete was an integral part of our wedding day, he meshed into the proceedings seamlessly and became an extra guest rather than just a photographer. He has an incredible unique style & an eye for intimate moments, unusual shots and tiny details. His coverage is phenomenal for a single photographer.

Pete is not only an amazing photographer but he is also a top bloke! Nothing was too much trouble for Pete and he captured every moment of our day. Pete isn’t just a photographer he becomes part of your day and he gets involved like you have always known each other! Couldn’t have asked for anymore from him!

Fantastic photographer. Really fun to work with. Natural stunning pictures

Pete fitted into our wedding seamlessly and was fun to be around for the bride and groom photos. As a result he got amazing photographs that we will be able to treasure.

Pete totally captured the feel of our wedding. He completely fitted in to the running of the day even to the point of helping the groom, who seemed to be unable to dress himself. Our guests presumed he was a friend of ours and were more than happy to chat away whilst pictures were subtly taken

Pete was absolutely brilliant on our wedding day. He made us feel completely relaxed about our being the focus of attention, which was so important to getting good shots of the us. His photos were fabulous and captured everything just perfectly, using every bit of the lovely Welsh light to do so .


We certainly weren’t looking for your average wedding photographer, and we certainly didn’t find one in Pete. From the moment we first saw his photographs, we knew that he was the right guy for us – no cheese, no slush and an incredible eye for spotting the little details.

It was a cheeky bonus that he also happens to be a TOP BLOKE, who has an amazing talent for seemingly taking photos in two places at once, whilst chatting to your nan, eating a burger and re-tying the bow on your bouquet. He should be a girl, he’s that damn good at multitasking.

Better still, he isn’t at all afraid to try something a bit off the wall, and didn’t even hesitate when Nik produced a pony and suggested she pose with it in her wedding frock…

The resulting photos were just perfect, and captured the essence of us and our day to a T. Choosing which ones to put into an album will be a complete nightmare, because they are all so awesome. Pete – you’re a legend.


– Nik & Chris


Ah, Pete, where to start with the photos. A massive thank you, I think! They are absolutely brilliant, and we totally love them! I think that’s the main thing to say! I was going to list a few of my favourites, but the list becomes a bit long too quickly – but I love the ceremony ones, and us laughing on the hill, and the pre wedding ones, and the sparklers, and so many others, the kids dancing at the end etc etc..!

But also thanks so much for the day itself. And particularly for the toast, and general calming down of nerves etc beforehand, which I’m sure aren’t strictly part of your job, but which were very much appreciated and made the day much much easier for me. I also can’t believe how many people came over and said ‘your photographer’s a really good bloke’ on the day.  You were part of the fun, as well as taking brilliant pictures – I can honestly say we couldn’t have made a better choice.


– Shauna & Jules


‘From Dusk ’til Dawn’…. No, I’m not talking about Mr Tarantino’s infamous club the ‘Titty Twister’, I’m making reference to Pete’s dedication to the task. If you book Pete to photograph your wedding, like we did, you have someone who captures every critical moment there is throughout your special day, literally from dusk til dawn. He’s somewhat of a pro that stays until the job’s done, capturing every bit of passion, emotion and spirit of the day and how our family and friends said it felt like they were there with us as he’d relayed the mood perfectly, which we felt surpassed many other photographers bag of skills.

We hunted high and low for the the right photographer for our very special adventure, up hill and down dale, even across a sea to a remote island. Let me tell you, when you’re a photographer yourself, you end up being very particular in who you want for the job.

So, when we found Pete, we were very apprehensive that he wouldn’t accept the job when knowing what the mission entailed, to travel from Bristol to Scotland to the west coast of the Isle of Islay, we gingerly told him, expecting an “er….no….sorry mate, only do Bristol” but he jumped at the chance to be part of our two person entourage, alongside the minister and his wife, making us five. We were delighted and realised that our remote, coastline, sunset wedding was going to get the coverage it deserved and to surprise our very surprised family and friends when we returned that we had got married; thats right folks, no-one knew!

So, if you are in any doubt about Pete and his bag of skills, don’t be after you finish reading this. He will be there at the start and way past the end, capturing every blink of an eyelid that you miss, and if you’re really lucky, he may even miss the ferry back to spend some more time with you (if you’re really lucky).


– Simon & Leanne


Pete…you made our day complete. You are truly amazing at what you do and you captured all the detail and moments that made our day so special. You fulfilled my every ask and ran around for us, nothing was too much trouble. You rocked out and made everything perfect. We will be forever grateful for the memories you have so amazingly captured for us to keep.

If you need a photographer book Pete…you will not regret it. Promise.


– Sarah, Twig and Travis x


Pete was definitely one of the best decisions that we made for our wedding.

I am a girl who has always hated having her photo taken, however seeing the results of both our pre wedding shoot and of our wedding day has changed all that. He has produced some amazing photos. Pete knew exactly what we wanted and he more than came up with the goods. Pete fitted in perfectly with our wedding party and helped create the natural and relaxed feel we wanted for our day. When he said that he stays until the end…he sure did mean it. He was still taking pictures at 3.30am…and there is no denying that the pictures taken at the party reflect how much fun everyone was having.

I would suggest, without a doubt, that you should have Pete for your wedding day. Or any other celebration in fact.


– Beth & Owain

“Stunning, awesome, beautiful” – all words that our friends used to describe the shots that Pete took for our big day. My husband (!!!) and I whole-heartedly agree with those sentiments. We are absolutely thrilled with the quality and content of the photos we have seen, and the album Pete prepared is a fabulous record of our day.

We chose Pete to be our photographer as his slightly irreverent style suited us, we wouldn’t have been happy with anything that you could call “average”. The shots Pete has taken show his superb artistry and individual approach to our wedding.

On the day we found that he was unobtrusive yet was able to capture the essence of our eclectic friends and family whilst we continued to enjoy the day. As a bride, he instantly put me at ease and I was confident that he would make sure I looked my best. He did, and I’m very pleased!


– Zoe & Colin Wragg


I’d just like to say that I think the album is simply stunning! You couldn’t have done a better job and it is a wonderful record of all the aspects of a very special day.

Thank you so much for taking it on – I always hope for the best and very often have to settle for much less, but this really blew me away.


– Mo B


We could not recommend Pete more highly. When choosing the photographer we wanted for our special days, we wanted someone who would capture the spirit of the whole event, as well as all of the special moments.

With a Pirate themed party specifically arranged for after the wedding day. Itself to cure our guest’s hangovers with many hairs of the dog, a run of the mill photographer would not suffice. Pete’s energy and enthusiasm both in the preparation and on the day were unparalleled. There was not one thing he missed. From the intricaces of Becky’s dress, to the delicateness of the bridal bouquet, to the joy of the confetti, to the drunken antics of my Best Man.

Ultimately Pete made our day effortless. While he was capturing all of our guests’ elation, we could relax and thoroughly enjoy it with them, knowing that he had seized the whole event on canvas forever.

All that remains to say, is a big big thank you.


– James & Becky Le Poer Trench