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And So I Watch You From Afar


I shot a band called And So I Watch You From Afar, I saw them live years back at a gig in Belfast. I’d flown back in to see some friends and got taken out to see them play, and it turned out that I’d known a few of them way back when.

They were amazing.

Completely amazing and tighter than a duck’s arse.

They play instrumental metal, metal isn’t usually my thing. But I’ll love anything that’s done well with passion and dedication. And this really is, and it’s very loud as well.

I arranged to do a shoot with them next time they were in Bristol and I told them how I wanted the final image to look raw, dirty and grimy but with a feeling of subtle beauty running through. Very much like their music. I worked through my idea with Chris (the drummer) and we talked over the set-up. The band liked what I wanted to do and I set to work on the location, lighting and all the usual that goes with a band shoot.

I was to meet the boys at their gig pre-rehearsal and take them off to some cliffs. From there we would do several different shots of them on the edge with darkened skies looming in the background. The blood red ribbon was to be cascading and slapping around in the wind with a cluster of them erupting from a band members mouth whilst he screamed silently and intensely into the dirt at his feet, bare-chested.

They got stuck in London traffic, and ended up being 4 hours late.

I took this shot in the gig venue. It took 3 minutes in total and I did it in 2 shots. They loved it, I loved it, we had a pint.

I can still see that cliff edge with the ribbon slashing towards me, in my head.

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